Our Team



Memi is a 30-something Wife and Mom who resides in the
DC Metro Area with her family. She has always had a passion for
weddings, relationships, and marriages. It is a goal of hers
to see the restoration of strong families, and strong marriages
are at the core of that.

Dr. Lara


Hi, I am Lara, aka Dr. Lara, MCLaraBabyy or L-Boogie! I am a lover of God, a wife, a mother of two, a Psychologist and overall BOSS. Aside from all things mental health, relationships and wellness, she’s pretty much your best friend’s best friend! When she’s not trying to save the world, she spends her time…. Dr. Lara won’t tell you what to do, she’ll help you through!

Mission Statement​

Our mission is to create community, curate resources and tools that aim to instill hope, and cultivate healthy relationships for millennial couples of color. 

Our Purpose

Marriage Pinnacle was born from the idea of two friends who realized that there is a need for marital support in our age group. As Nigerian-American wives, our culture puts so much emphasis on getting married and even the celebration of weddings but rarely focuses on how couples are expected to live happily ever after without the resources and tools to sustain thriving marriages. Marriage Pinnacle hopes to be a source of inspiration and community for married couples who need that extra boost of support and for couples needing encouragement to rekindle the love that may have dimmed along the way. We want to help couples navigate through the hard times in order to savor the great times. Keep in mind, that we are constantly working towards being the best versions of ourselves, so the same can go for our relationships. ​

“A good marriage isn’t something you find, it’s something you make and have to keep on making”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

Marriage Pinnacle provides relationship education for couples from engagement through marriage, from hurting to happy relationships, for all ages, races, religions, and countries. We give you practical tools and the confidence that will help you work on yourself and on your relationship.

While the founders are Christians, we want to make sure that every couple, no matter what they believe in, has access to quality relationship resources.

You can search our blog and use the filter option to type in the subject, or check our resources page where we have links to other sites and helpful resources

In general, we do not provide refunds on your services, courses, or merchandise. But we will consider refund requests in extreme circumstances.

This is a great question! We are here for anyone that is in a committed relationship, seeks to be in one or desires to be married. Marriage is a relationship, so any type of relationship can benefit from the topics we discuss. You will find us using the term ‘marriage’ frequently, but don’t be discouraged. If you are marriage-minded and on that path, this is the place for you.

If you are even asking this question, it lets us know you have not given up yet. If you and your partner are willing to work hard together, it is possible to rescue your marriage. We are firm believers that anything is possible with therapy, commitment, time, and faith.

Marriage Pinnacle intends to provide resources, support, and advice for couples at every phase of marriage. Whether at the peak or in a valley, our goal is to promote the goodness and beauty of marriage for our readers and subscribers. We are here to remind you that your relationship is worth fighting for. Keep going!

Unfortunately, we can not make any guarantees. Due to the complexity and uniqueness of each relationship, it is difficult to promise a 100% success rate. What we can say, is that having a positive outlook and staying committed will greatly increase your chances.