Tool Kit

Our Tool Kit is a collection of carefully selected resources, articles, studies, and books that can help you with over coming major marital issues. Carefully watch this space for a treasure chest of tools.
Watch this space for a treasure chest of tools, articles, studies, and books that can help you with some of the major marital issues.

Support Groups

We are here to provide individuals with support as we navigate the valleys of marriage and enjoy the peaks. This will be a closed group and we will accept participants on a first come, first serve basis. Click the link here to fill out a participant form. 


Not sure about committing to couples’ therapy, but need some help getting your relationship on track? Marriage Pinnacle offers coaching sessions in the areas of Effective Communication, Personal Wellness, Goals, and much more.  Coaching can be done individually or as a couple.


Our eBooks consist of free and paid resources that span a variety of topics from date night ideas to conflict resolution. This list will be updated regularly with the most up-to-date resources on topics needed for healthy relationships!


Our eCourses are thorough and extensive lessons that couples can take together or separately to develop their relationship skills.

Resource Library

Need help with your relationship, but haven’t decided to sign up for a coaching session? Check out our list of affiliate links, books, activities, and tools to help strengthen your relationship and keep you enjoying the peaks!