Hello Peak-Seekers! 

Money Talks is a series we will have on our blog that addresses finances and marriage. You will often hear people say that finances are one of the top reasons that people get divorced. That is an accurate statement but WHY? I’m always asking WHY because I’m always longing for a deeper understanding. So let’s talk about it. Nobody can deny the importance of money right? Those that are non-chalant about money are the ones that don’t have to. One of the original purposes of marriage was to establish family wealth and join powerful families together. Through the years it has become more about soul mates and romance but at its core marriages can still be seen as a business arrangement. There are tax benefits for filing taxes as a married couple, it is easier to open bank accounts and apply for loans when using two incomes. Communities are strengthened by strong successful family units. So you can imagine the turmoil when all these things are turned upside down by a spouse who has poor spending habits, or the inability to save, or a gambling problem. 

In my friend circle I often find one spouse who is the frugal, responsible, financial savvy one and the other spouse who likes to spend a little more, enjoys the finer things in life, or has a bad credit card habit. Now this can be a very healthy and necessary check and balance situation where they help each other be more responsible vs. being more flexible. But in extreme situations this can completely wreck a relationship. With Money Talks we will help you determine your financial IQ, how to be involved in your family finances, how to reach financial goals, and so much more. We will chat with financial gurus to also provide professional advice. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletters so you don’t miss any of our posts!