Introducing Marriage Pinnacle!!

Welcome to our community! I’m so happy to have you here and reading this today. I want to tell you a bit about us and how this blog was born.

We are two 30-somethings, wives, mothers, and friends. We came together to create Marriage Pinnacle because we both noticed there was a need for a support system for young millennial marriages. We have been married a combination of 18 years and have found that our marriages wouldn’t have made it this far without our communities. We created this space for people who don’t have that at their immediate disposal.

Oftentimes we hear people say, “what happens in your house, stays in your house”, “don’t bring other people into your marriage”. Now don’t get me wrong we disagree with running to your friends and family to bad-mouth your spouse, when you’re upset. But sometimes you need a trusted, level-headed outlet to vent or just to calm you down. The keywords are someone who is trusted and level-headed, not everyone has someone like that close to them. So that is where Marriage Pinnacle comes in, we’re hoping this blog can serve as a safe space for you when you’re going through tough times in your marriage. I’m hoping you can come here as a source of inspiration to push through the lowest points and find resources to help you push to the pinnacle of your marriage and relationships.

I’ve listed some example topics we will address. Some topics I want to cover on this blog are:

  • Communication Issues
  • Sex After Children
  • Parenting Disputes
  • In-Law Dynamics
  • Losing/Finding Your Identity

What are some topics you would love to hear us talk about?